Academy of Art University

Legacy Series (2018):
Advertising: From Art School to Campaign of the Decade
A Fashion Journalism Story: Styling for People With Disabilities
An Animation Story Rise of a Legendary Career
Redefining Tradition: The Future of Fashion with Simon Ungless
Alumni Story: Austin Esposito Finds His Place
Tom Matano: Bringing Emotion to Design

Road to Fashion Show Series (2017):
Road to Fashion Show is a three-part series that follows students from Academy of Art’s School of Fashion as they work day-in and day-out to show off their innovative designs on the runway.
Part 1 – Inspiration
Part 2 – Process
Part 3 – Runway

Creative Director and Producer
Animation and Visual Effects Tour (2019)
Game Development Department Interactive Tour (2018)
Top Photographer Winner: Scott Borrero (2017)
A Career in Fashion: A Student’s Journey (2017)
Giving Back to the Community: Mary Telling (2017)
Transforming a Love of Music into a Living Career (2017)
End of Year Review Video (2017)

MET – Rei Kawakubo Fashion Design Teaser
MET – Rei Kawakubo Fashion Design Winner: Maria Aalto