Film and Video

Executive Producer
A Star in the Desert – Short Film

Academy of Art University
Legacy Campaign Series (2018):
Series to tell the stories of the most inspiring Students and Alumni all across the world.
Advertising: From Art School to Campaign of the Decade
A Fashion Journalism Story: Styling for People With Disabilities
An Animation Story Rise of a Legendary Career
Redefining Tradition: The Future of Fashion with Simon Ungless
Alumni Story: Austin Esposito Finds His Place
Tom Matano: Bringing Emotion to Design

Academy of Art University
Road to Fashion Show Campaign Series (2017):
Road to Fashion Show is a three-part series that follows students from Academy of Art’s School of Fashion as they work day-in and day-out to show off their innovative designs on the runway.
Part 1 – Inspiration
Part 2 – Process
Part 3 – Runway

Creative Director and Producer
Academy of Art University
The Only Accredited Fashion Styling Program in the World (2019)
General Motors x Art School: Designing Cars for the Future (2019)
Game Development Department Interactive Tour (2018)
Top Photographer Winner: Scott Borrero (2017)
A Career in Fashion: A Student’s Journey (2017)
Giving Back to the Community: Mary Telling (2017)
Transforming a Love of Music into a Living Career (2017)
End of Year Review Video (2017)

MET – Rei Kawakubo Fashion Design Teaser (2018)
MET – Rei Kawakubo Fashion Design Winner: Maria Aalto (2018)

Wastrel Society
SGRKANE – uhoh (2018)

Proteus Digital Health
Creative Director and Editor
SXSW Video (2015)


Graphic Design
Proteus Digital Health
Lunch and Learn Series Brand Flyer 6, Flyer 7, Flyer 9 (2015)
ProSocial – Employee Engagement Application Design Android and IOS (2015)
ProChat Series Logo – (2014)

Wastrel Society
All the event flyers I made can be found here (2016 – 2019)
Album Cover – Khalibud: Peace of Imperfection (2019)
SGRKANE – Sweet n’ Low Design parody (2018)

Academy of Art University
Virtual Reality Google Ad Set (2018)
Volvo Student Collaboration (2018)
MET Competition Finalist (2018)
Creative Quarterly Print Ad (2018)
Summer Start Posts (2017)

Amsterdam Cafe
Food Menu (2019)

Art Direction (More than 65+ available upon request)
Academy of Art University
Juxtapoz Magazine Print Ad – January 2018
Daily Front Row Fashion Print Ad – February 2018

In-progress – Coming Soon

Web Design
All these sites were created by me from scratch using either a website builder or full HTML and CSS. Custom HTML is used in all the sites.


Jasko Begovic


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Wastrel Society